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Daily Draw - $10
Automatically entered by registering.
Draws are made at midnight GMT and you have 24 hours to claim your win.
Unclaimed wins roll over.

Bingo Draw - $10
Bingo Draw Points are awarded each day for Playing TSL Bingo and StreetName Lottery games.
The players with the most points at the end of the week wins.
Players who do not win retain their points towards the next week.

Video Draw - $10
Video Draw Points are for watching varying videos.
A player is drawn at random on Mondays.

Refer friends and claim a bonus 20% of any of their Daily Draw Wins.

Recent Daily Draw Winners
Sep 17th   Tigger $10.00
Sep 15th   sifl $10.00
Sep 10th   Haynes42 $10.00
Sep 9th   guzzler $10.00
Sep 5th   Party Nuggets $10.00
Sep 3rd   Flic $10.00
Aug 29th   Mileage $10.00
Aug 26th   Rock3t33r $10.00
Aug 24th   Bourne $10.00
Aug 21st   emmer69 $10.00
Aug 13th   Ikari $10.00


Previous Video Draw Winners
Sep 17th dad100 $10
Sep 10th unicorngirl $10
Sep 3rd DivitLad $10
Aug 27th unicorngirl $10
Aug 20th Jansypansy $10
Aug 13th Becky2017 $10
Aug 6th Daniella $10
Jul 30th ashfield111 $10
Jul 23rd shrimpy $10
Jul 16th spot4 $10
Jul 9th Spare Change $10
Jul 2nd stuidiopro $10