By registering, the Username that you entered during registration is added to the pool from which winners are picked at random. This ensures that there is always at least 1 winner.
The daily draw is made each day at midnight GMT.
Winners have 1 day to claim a winning daily draw. Should a user fail to claim a win within the 1 day time limit then the prize fund rolls over to the next draw.
When you win, a 'claim button' will become available. Click the 'claim' button to claim your win. Payment will usually be made within 24 hours, to the PayPal account you have chosen.

A confirmation email will be sent when payment has been made.
Once registered you can change your username. You can NOT change your email address. Make sure you use an email address that matches your PayPal account.
Once a draw has been made, previously registered accounts are eligible to claim that day's draw. Any new registrants will not be eligible for the current day's draw.
A daily email reminder is available, click the subscribe button on the news page.
Once registered and logged in a 'referrals page' becomes available. The referrals page displays a link to The Street Lottery that you can share via website, social media, email and more.

Anyone that signs up to The Street Lottery through your personal referral link will become your referral for the term of your registration. Winning you a bonus 20% of what your referrals win from daily draws.

On the same page you will also find banners and splash pages to be used on blogs, websites, and traffic exchanges. It is forbidden to use your direct referral link on traffic exchange sites. Please use the splash page provided.
On the 'referrals page' a table will be displayed if one of your referrals wins. Should that referral claim their win a claim button will become available to you on the 'referral page'. .

Should your referral not claim their win within the 1 day limit then you will not be able to claim the referral commission due to the prize money rolling over to the next day's draw.
As more and more people register with The Street Lottery, we will increase the daily draw prize money.

Draws with no winner claiming that day will rollover to the next day's draw.

Multiple accounts are not permitted, will be disqualified, and terminated.